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As a baby you’ll have taken deep, relaxing breaths into your abdomen without thinking about it. It came naturally.


But as you get older the stresses and strains of the day may start to interfere with your life and your body begins to operate the ‘fight or flight’ response. As a result your breathing changes from deep breathing to short, sharp breaths which help you prepare for the ‘fight’ you might be about to take as your stress levels rise.


The very fact that you’re taking short, sharp breaths indicates that you’re only using the top third of your lungs and no longer your abdomen to breathe, which can make you feel as though you’re hyperventilating. This short, shallow breathing leads to poor exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide (CO2) in your bloodstream, depriving your body of these vital gases.


The resulting lack of oxygen can rob your organs and muscles from a proper blood flow, while lack of CO2 can lead to dizziness, fatigue and insomnia. Hyperventilating can also increase your heart rate which you feel as palpitations. Hyperventilating can make you feel anxious and cause panic attacks, which is why a person having a panic attack is asked to breathe into a paper bag to re-inhale their exhaled CO2 to help restore normal levels.


But just as short, shallow breathing causes this uncomfortable feeling, so then deep, diaphragmatic, belly breathing can restore order. Breathing is your built-in stress reliever and breathing correctly can have an impact on your health.


POWERbreathe inspiratory muscle training is for anyone who breaths. It’s a breathing training device that exercises your breathing muscles by making them work against a resistance (like dumbbells for your diaphragm). As with any form of exercise training, the more you do it the more beneficial it becomes. With regular exercise you become stronger, more powerful, healthier, and happier. Exercising your breathing muscles with POWERbreathe makes them stronger, more powerful and less prone to fatigue. And because it exercises your diaphragm (the main muscle used for breathing) and your intercostals (which also play a major role in helping you to breathe), it’s also training you to breathe correctly again – like a baby. This will mean that you’ll be getting a good exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide…and with regular training you may begin to feel less anxious because of this.


There is a POWERbreathe series and model to suit everyone, because POWERbreathe is for anyone who breaths:



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