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Czech Republic athlete Lenka Masná recently came 8th in the 800m at the World Athletics Championships in Moscow this summer, achieving a new Personal Best (1:59.56).


Lenka has been using POWERbreathe since 2011 when she suffered an injury and began looking for some form of training that would keep her in condition and help prepare her for competition. She felt that training with POWERbreathe would keep her respiratory system in good condition and found that when she returned to training her breathing wasn’t as demanding.


Lenka started keeping a POWERbreathe Training Diary of her respiratory paramaters as she trained, just as a visual reminder of how she was progressing. She said, “Improvements in power and watt values were evident already after almost a month of breathing, I felt positive changes.”


In addition to breathing training, Lenka also used her POWERbreathe during recovery as it can help speed lactate clearance more effectively than traditional active recovery strategies.


You can read the full interview with Lenka, conducted by our POWERbreathe friends and distributor in the Czech Republic, Truconnexion, on their website.


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